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Concorde Valves And Automation is one amongst the licensed dealer of Pneumatic Ball Valves built for multiple ON/OFF operation within the downstream. It’s fashionable amongst shoppers thanks to its long-lasting life performance and customers trust on our merchandise. Concorde Valves and Automation is serving because the licensed dealer of Pneumatic Actuated Ball Valves & Butterfly Valves for several years. Ball valves are essentially quarter flip (rotator) or straight through (linear) valves that contain a steel ball within the core that rotates to lock and unlock the valves.

Features Of Pneumatic Operated Ball Valves:-

  • ·         Indicator: It is a mounting accessory with a Namur mounting which is standard for all pneumatic operators.
  • ·         Pinion: Pinion offers maximal wear resistance to the valve. It is made of accustomed alloy steel and is plated with 15um nickel to reduce friction.
  • ·         Actuator Body: It is made of anodized aluminium ejection of which gives protection against corrosion and reduces the piston friction.
  • ·         End Caps: These caps offers maximum resistance against embryonic corrosive elements.
  • ·         Pistons: The aluminium pistons are contoured with high quality rings and guides. The piston design and the twin rack develop a continuous torque on all operators.
  • ·         Travel Adjustment: There are two external adjustment bolts in the actuator that offers a standard adjustment of 5 degrees in both open and closed positions.
  • ·         High performance springs: The preloaded high tensile steel springs provide long services with the corrosion resistant Epoxy coated on it.
  • ·         Bearing and guides: This provides a long life to the actuator by offering minimum friction.
  • ·         O-rings: These rings are for execution of trouble-free operation at standard temperature ranges.

Product Details:
On / OFF Indicator
NAMUR Standard Solenoid Valve in all Standard Coil Voltage
I/P Transducer (Convertor)
Pneumatic valve positioner
Electro-Pneumatic valve positioner
Declutch able Manual Over - ride
Limit Switches for On / Off Indication at Panel board
Filter + Regulator Combination with Pressure Gauge
Air Lock Valve

So you can definitely head to Concorde Valves and Automation if you are in search of quality Pneumatic Ball Valves in Mumbai. Contact us anytime and get the best ball valves from us according to your requirement.

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